How did coworking and the sharing economy respond to Superstorm Sandy?

Posted on Nov 14, 2012

According to Deskmag, New York City is the biggest coworking hub worldwide, and that in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, many coworking spaces responded by setting up support services and opening their locations to those in need. The website Sandy Coworking, a crowdsourced map, was quickly created to help “power-less” New Yorkers plug in or find a place with Wi-Fi  to work.

The Sandy Coworking crowdsourced map of power and workspace resources

Here are a few links to related blogs: Hurricane Sandy Survivors Demonstrate Power Of Sharing

Techcrunch.comAfter Hurricane Sandy, NY Startups Have To Find A Place To Get Back To Work, “Other coworking spaces offer a desk to work and #SandyCoworking can help you find a company to take you in.”

Forbes.comIn The Eye Of The Storm, Entrepreneurs Band Together, “a small group of young, civic-minded, tech-savvy entrepreneurs weathered the worst of Sandy with a brainstorm. The result was SandyBaggers, a grassroots Facebook movement to circumvent red tape and galvanize immediate and effective local disaster relief by leveraging the power of digital media.” Techie Volunteers Get New Yorkers Online After Sandy After Hurricane Sandy, NY Startups Have To Find A Place To Get Back To Work “At WeWork‘s coworking space right next to the Empire State Building, I met Ryan Charles, CEO and co-founder of mobile product review startup Consmr. His company is located in West SoHo at WeWork Labs. Other coworking spaces offer a desk to work and #SandyCoworking can help you find a company to take you in.”

Bloomberg NewsNYC coworking space AlleyNYC helping displaced startups after Superstorm Sandy (video interview with Jason Saltzman, CEO of Alley NYC)

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