Coworking turns 7 years old!

Posted on Aug 2, 2012

From our last free coworking day, in April 2012

In August 2011, the OfficeXpats space was under construction, with emerging conference rooms, painting in progress, and lots of furniture assembly.  But in the midst of this start-up excitement and chaos, we wanted to acknowledge the anniversary of coworking itself, which had recently been determined as August 9, 2005. So we swept up the sawdust, turned on the Wi-Fi, and opened our doors temporarily for a free coworking day, complete with a free lunch barbecue.

A year later, coworking is now seven years old! has reported that as of February, 2012, there are now 1320 coworking spaces worldwide, 88% up from a year ago (583 in the U.S., 545 in Europe, and over 100 in South and Central America, Australia, and Africa). We don’t know the numbers six months later, but we can celebrate the ‘birthday’ and the number 7. Following tradition, we take a break for a barbecue lunch, and then because it falls on Thursday, we should have a good crowd for happy hour at 4:30!

All you need to do is sign in when you arrive, no RSVP needed. Our last free day filled up the choice spots quickly, so the sooner you get here the better. And bring your headphones for when it gets noisy. If you forget and start to get annoyed, ask us for some emergency earplugs.

SPECIAL OFFER FOR NEW MEMBERS: on August 9 only, if you sign up for any membership (not including the Passport), you get an additional month free! Pay for your first month on Coworking Day, and you won’t be charged again until October 9.

CURRENT MEMBERS: if a new member names you as a referral, you get $60 membership credit for their daily membership (Office Hours, Flexwork, or Resident) and $30 credit for any hourly membership (Café 10 or Café 20). This is true anytime, so let us know if we missed learning about your word-of-mouth support for us!