The Bitcoin and blockchain conversation continues

Is Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrency) the future of money? Maybe, but more importantly, the technology that makes Bitcoin possible is transforming more than just a hard-to-wrap-your-brain-around-it alternative currency. The blockchain technology behind Bitcoin is now being considered for many other trust-based applications as well, including supply chain management, identity management, health records, and even voting. Many people are saying that blockchain is as transformative as the Internet itself, and is being called "the Internet of value." In February and March OfficeXpats hosted two events that introduced this topic, and we've collected some resources that helped us get a basic understanding of this technology and its implications. We will continue to revisit this important evolution, so if you have experience or perspectives to share, please get in touch.

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OfficeXpats is selected as a 2017 Edg3 Fund semifinalist!


UPDATE: The voting window is open! Please VOTE HERE and help us advance to the finals. Only one company from Bainbridge Island is represented among 16 semi-finalists just announced for Kitsap Bank’s Edg3 Fund small business competition. OfficeXpats is now a big step closer to the $20,000 grand prize. The window for voting to help us make it to the finals is September 18-29, when pubic voting will narrow the field to just five companies.

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