Patrick Batson

My profile

I am a business executive and strategist currently seeking leadership opportunities with organizations that value a balance of technical skill and high-integrity, human-centered management. I offer a unique combination of talents:

  • Highly-developed business/management skills.

  • A progressive and generative consciousness.

I excel at finding opportunities and driving cross-organizational alignment to capitalize on them. I do this by:

  • Analyzing market data and industry trends to identify areas for growth and improvement.

  • Building strong, collaborative relationships inside and outside the organization, with all personality types.

  • Leading teams with passion and commitment.

  • Managing programs and projects with precision.

  • Crafting compelling communications as a skilled writer and editor.

I have learned that mindfulness, integrity, and compassion are foundations of both success and happiness, and my intent to spread these values guides my choices as a leader. That shows up as:

  • Putting personal integrity above all else and expecting others to do the same.

  • Achieving high standards of success through passion and joy rather than fear.

  • Thoughtfully listening to all points of view.

  • Speaking my truth boldly with respect and compassion.

  • Leading by example.

I recently completed the manuscript for a book that will be published later this year. "Higher Choices, Living the Truth You Already Know" expands upon a paper I presented at the Satyagraha Conference in Durban, South Africa. The conference marked the 100th anniversary of Gandhi's founding of the principles of nonviolent resistance for social change. My book is a calling to live by the universal values that unite us as a human race—love, compassion, integrity and the desire for freedom and success—despite the apparent differences and divisions in our world.