How does membership work?

Membership is about choosing to work along side others rather than in isolation. We offer flexible plans, from hourly rates and pay-as-you-go, all the way to 24/7 access. As a daily member, once signed in for the day you are welcome to come and go as you please during business hours. Hourly members have the flexibility of coming in for even shorter periods of time and not worry about “using up one of their days.”  Members at all levels are entitled to a list of benefits.

Do I need to make a reservation for coworking?

No appointment is necessary for members to come in and get work done or just hang out during business hours.

Can I try before I buy?

Absolutely! Stop in for a quick tour, and ask how you can get your first day for free!

Where can I sit?

The beauty of coworking is that you can sit wherever you want, and it could be different each time. We offer various seating configurations, including standing workstations and two different social gathering areas. All desks that seem empty are up for grabs, so move around to find what suits you.

Do I need to bring any equipment? A computer? Phone?

Yes, a computer and a phone are a good idea. Our meeting rooms are equipped with Skype phones; local and domestic long distance calls are free for members. We have a few options for hooking up to external monitors, and we may have some loaner laptops available, but we recommend that you don’t count on them. In an emergency though, we’d like to be able to help!

Do I need to pay for coffee/printing/Internet?

These basics are all included in your membership! Ask us if you have big copy jobs, and we may connect you with some services nearby, but all light copying/printing or sending a fax is included, as well as coffee and tea.

Is it OK for me to talk on the phone?

It’s OK to take short calls at your workspace. For longer calls, it may be appropriate to grab the “phone booth” room or an empty meeting room, or step outside into the atrium or the balcony, or move temporarily to one of the social areas.

Can I meet with clients at OfficeXpats?

Yes, having a quiet, private space to meet with clients or to have a business meeting of any kind is a core benefit of OfficeXpats. We have conference rooms of various sizes that can be reserved in advance or used at a moment’s notice if not already reserved. Rooms have a mix of projectors, large-screen TVs, whiteboards, flip charts, and conference phones.

Can I come in just to use a conference room?

Yes, our conference rooms can be rented by the hour or by the day. Please contact us to discuss your plans.

Do I need to pay for my clients to come to a meeting?

There is no fee for guests to attend a meeting. If you bring guests to the coworking area to work on their own, their visits can be billed directly to your account, or they pay a drop-in fee, OR ask how they can sign up to receive a free introductory day!

Can I get a private office?

We do not have private offices at this time, although we will be happy to put you on an interest list for private offices. If or when we expand OfficeXpats, we could consider accommodating these requests.

Are you open nights and weekends?

All membership levels have access to the facilities during staffed office hours: Monday thru Friday, 8:30am – 5:30pm. We offer an unlimited afterhours and weekends option which can be added on to any daily membership level for an additional $75/mo.

Is there parking?

Yes, ample parking is available at the Pavilion. However, during evening hours, the parking lot may fill up due to movie schedules. Additional parking is available; ask us for more information. Also, we encourage our members to walk, bike, or bus to our centrally located building.  Showers are available to OfficeXpats members!

Do I have to sign a contract? What if I exceed my membership quota of drop-ins?

All of our daily and hourly memberships are month-to-month. Flexibility is a big reason you are a member with us, and you can up-level or down-level as needed (some restrictions apply). All members do have to sign a space license with us (available for review electronically).

Are there other coworking spaces nearby?

There are a number of spaces in and around Seattle, but to our knowledge OfficeXpats is the only coworking community in Kitsap County. Many coworking spaces have banded together to form the Coworking Visa program. Being a member of one coworking space can enable you to drop into other coworking spaces around the world, free of charge. You can see all the details by visiting the Coworking Visa Page on the wiki.

Is it “co-working” or “coworking”?

It’s coworking. The international coworking movement has exploded in the past few years and we are happy to align ourselves with some truly amazing people. For the definitive explanation, check this out.

I’m ready to sign up now! Where’s the dotted line?

Register online here and sign up for our mailing list to get updates!

Still have questions?

The best way to really understand is to give us a call and sign up for our mailing list updates. As always, your first drop-in day is free – it’s the best way to get a feel of what working here is all about.