Follow the Money

Posted on Dec 12, 2012

OfficeXpats, in partnership with the Sustainable Business Network of Bainbridge, hosts an evening salon discussion series called “Follow the Money: busting myths to get at the truths of our economy.” Monthly meetings are on 2nd Thursdays, 7-8:30pm at OfficeXpats.

March 14th Topic: Local Economy and Crowdfunding (Please Register)

  • TEDxDirigo, Why we Can’t Shop Our Way to a Better Economy. Stacy Mitchell from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR), challenges corporate consolidation of the economy and champions policies to nurture community-scaled enterprise.
  • TEDx Victoria: Crowdfunding 101Victoria Westcott talks about how crowdfunding is changing the way that we create, produce and distribute our creative work.
  • Bloomberg Taking Stock: Startups and access to Capital.  Indiegogo Founder Slava Rubin and Firstmark Capital Founder Lawrence D. Lenihan discuss how crowdfunding and investor protection will change with the Jobs Act.

Previous programs:

  • (no program in February due to Valentines Day)
  • January 2013: This month, we explored the question, What role does EQUALITY play in a healthy economy? After viewing a 17-minute TEDTalk featuring Richard Wilkinson, epidemiologist and co-author of “The Spirit Level,” we’ll engage in what promises to be lively conversation. For those interested in delving deeper prior to our gathering, see ” For Richer, For Poorer,” an article in The Economist.
  • December 2012:  The program for December (our first session) was an 11-minute TED talk video by Nick Hanauer on “Why the Middle Class are the Job Creators” that was later pulled from the official TED site. Nick Hanauer is co-author of Gardens of Democracy with Eric Liu.

More about  “Follow the Money”:  Once a month we gather to watch or listen to selected short programs that tell interesting stories about economics, and then we talk. As the title implies, instead of reacting to sound bites such as “fiscal cliff,” we will search for—and work to understand—the underlying principles at play in our economy, both local and global.  

The programs will be selected from TED talks, podcasts such as Planet Money and Freakonomics, videos by economists, and short documentaries. We discuss what we learned that was new and surprising, or we challenge the premises and conclusions, and we tie it back to our own lives and businesses. The goal of the group is inquiry and learning, with no partisan presumption. We will be flexible with our programming so that we can respond to significant current events. We may also invite guest speakers to offer the expert’s insight to our conversations.