Kombi Corp to co-locate at OfficeXpats

Posted on Feb 28, 2013

In a growing trend, small and start-up companies often co-locate with coworking spaces to share resources and offer a dynamic, diverse environment for their employees. In fact, coworking has been called the new “garage” for startups. We quietly announced at the member meeting last week that Kombi Corp will be moving in to OfficeXpats. It is now official.

Kombi is an island software company bringing a fresh approach to mobile business called Adaptive Point of Service (APoS), and its founder, John Eisenhauer, has been growing hi-tech and green businesses on Bainbridge Island for many years. We are excited to have Kombi joining us, and we will invite them to happy hours in the coming weeks to get them introduced as often as possible before the mid-April move-in.

This also means that there will be some changes to our physical space. Kombi will occupy what is now the Event Room (our classroom), and we will build a windowed wall to create a new large conference room at the west end (near the door to the balcony). This new space will double as a “quiet” room for coworking when it is not in use for classes or events.