Work in a community office

Bring your laptop, grab a comfortable desk, and get to work. High-speed Wi-Fi, wireless printing, video-enabled meeting rooms, and fresh organic fair trade coffee are all part of the deal. AND membership is more than just a desk or a meeting room. Meet some coworkers in this quick video created by Northwest Films (

Here are some of the benefits of joining OfficeXpats at any membership level.

(Check here for membership choices and pricing)

Reserve Meeting Rooms

Write your reservation for a private meeting room directly on the door, or call us to reserve the spot if you are not at the office. One out of every 5 of your membership hours can be in a reserved private meeting room, with a client or on a video call, or whatever your need is. Members may reserve additional hours at $25/hr. ($35 for non-members).


Light printing (around 15 copies in a visit) is free and easy, just wirelessly connect from your laptop for a few color prints or copies, or scan to a thumb drive, no charge. If you have a larger print job to do, just ask and we can probably accommodate. We want to help you out, and the occasional “rescue” is what your community workplace is all about.

Member Profiles

All members get a member profile on the OfficeXpats website. Use the login sent to you when you sign up to build your profile.

Free Workshops and Events

OfficeXpats hosts many workshops and events for our community, sponsored by members and nonmembers alike. Many are free. We hold at least 15 registrations for our  popular Tuesday@noon business skills workshops for free to members (register early to secure a free spot!).

Member Check In and Happy Hour!

In the office, we have weekly members-only events that promote connections and “accelerate serendipity!”

  • Mondays, 9:30 am:  Meet briefly with other coworkers and lay out your goals for the week to get the motivation of some public accountability! Celebrate your accomplishments from the previous week. 3-5 minutes per person, then get to work!
  • Thursdays, 4:30-5:30 pm: Members’ happy hour, no agenda, just enjoy a drink or nibbles and introduce yourself to other coworkers or catch up with colleagues.

PC Tech Support from our IT Guy

Every Tuesday morning Jason offers 30 minutes free for members to address your IT needs. Call to reserve your spot, or just show up,  first-come-first-served. You might get advice, or you might get a really quick fix. And if it takes more than 30 minutes to get you productive again, Jason can let you know what it would cost to solve the problem.

Private Facebook Group

Members are invited to join a private Facebook group for Xpat members only, to exchange resources and build relationships with other members. You might pick up last minute tickets to an event, ask for help with some web-related challenge, or find out early about a short term consulting gig.

Pavilion Gym Discount

Members at all levels can enjoy a significant discount at the gym in the Pavilion across the hall from OfficeXpats. Ask us to add a gym membership to your coworker membership, and it is all just one transaction, one charge per month!