My influencers, and my themes for 2012

Posted on Dec 19, 2011

In preparation for Think Week I’m reviewing some of the great ideas from bloggers I have learned to trust and enjoy. I’ve pulled some themes from each that will shape my goals to grow OfficeXpats in the coming year. I’d love to learn about who influences you! Hiemstra: The Future of Marketing 2012 and Beyond. I’m pulling what’s most meaningful to me from his favorites of experts’ predictions: (1) “Webinars as an educational and marketing platform will continue to grow in popularity in 2012.” (2) “The importance of viral and shareable content will drive companies and brands to become more creative with their content, making the 2012 browsing experience less like opening pages, and more like changing channels.” Here’s a fun bit of content about the future of marketing to ponder, and it’s an example of “kinetic typography,” which I’ve been enamored with since I discovered it; I want an OfficeXpats video that has this feel!

Todd Clark is passionate about getting focused and thinking visually

Get LIT; a fire under every butt/Todd Clarke: do and view. This is one-fun-blog, and a great way to discover online productivity tools, like this micro-journaling tool that I use almost every day. This post has two more themes for my 2012 list: (3) become more focused, (4) and think and communicate visually (which we revisit in the Tuesday Business Brown Bag, tomorrow at noon).

At the Intersection of Work and Life/Penelope Trunk: Next Phase of Your Career (Design). This post is mild compared to the many shocking subjects Penelope is known for being blunt about.  This one furthers my goals of communicating better with brevity and pictures. But her real value to me is about learning to say what is true, which involves being fearless and willing to take risks with communication. Penelope pays attention to trends in the younger workforce, and we probably should too. She also mentions Tufte in this post, and many of you have commented on his poster of Napoleon’s march to Moscow that is hanging in the office, and his books are in our reception area. He’s my guru for information design.

Making a Living Writing/Carol Tice: Marketing 101 for Freelance Writers: #1-The Essential First Step. Carol is an islander! Her blog is also a 2011 winner of Top 10 Blogs for Writers and Best Blogs by Women. I’m taking away the advice on building relationships. I’m hoping to book Carol for a Tuesday Business Brown Bag in 2012, and I recently was the beneficiary of her marketing advice when we had lunch. The idea of Think Week came from that brainstorm.