OfficeXpats in the News

Posted on Feb 16, 2012

KITSAP PENINSULA BUSINESS JOURNAL: OfficeXpats creates a business hub for independents, SEPT 5, 2013
“There’s a sense of collaborating but with different companies. It’s an education for me, and it’s networking,” said K. David Kragen, a novelist and a copywriter who keeps regular hours at OfficeXpats. “I support other people as a writer and they support me. That’s what serendipity is all about.”
“There are 1,829 “verified cottage industry” (home-based) businesses on Bainbridge Island and in Poulsbo and Suquamish. For such entrepreneurs, learning to package intellectual property and sell it online can help ensure success in the new economy, both by creating recurring income and enhancing the authority of a practice. Though it is one of the most important “new ways to work,” creating intellectual property products is still a mysterious, elusive process.”
KITSAP PENINSULA BUSINESS JOURNAL: Kombi Corp to co-locate with OfficeXpats on Bainbridge Island, APRIL 30, 2013
“Kombi Corp of Bainbridge Island will move its headquarters May 1 to co-locate with OfficeXpats, a coworking (shared workspace) office on Bainbridge.”

INSIDE BAINBRIDGE:  OfficeXpats Completes One Year, Throws Big Party This Friday, by Sarah Lane, September 26, 2012

In this article, Sarah Lane helps to promote our first anniversary celebration held on September 28, and refers to “The X Factor in OXP” as how we “give members support and tools for growing and maintaining their own businesses and ventures.” And then she interviews Leif Utne, our “Xpat #1, and gets this quote: “We’ve got programmers, graphic designers, writers, marketers, financial experts, nonprofit managers, an HR consultant, a personal trainer, an EPA administrator, furniture designers, an archaeologist. When you mix that kind of diversity together in a common workspace, magic happens. That’s how projects like Ignite Bainbridge, Accelerate Kitsap, the West Sound Time Bank and the Agate Pass Exchange were born. All because OfficeXpats created the space for them to happen.” Read on!

INSIDE BAINBRIDGE:OfficeXPats: A Common House for Business
Julie Hall’s Inside Bainbridge article tells the story of a collaboration that happened because two OfficeXpats members “got to talkin’.” Ms. Hall also captured some bigger intentions: “Calling it “a common house for business,” Schneider says she sees it as a place not just for freelancers or small companies looking for more facilities than they can provide themselves. She also hopes brick and mortar businesses on the Island will use the resource as a supplemental space if they need temporary office or meeting places. Schneider and Omens also have plans to facilitate “skillaboration” among their customers: skills-sharing workshops whereby people in the community can teach and learn from one another.”
BAINBRIDGE REVIEW:Coworking, Office Xpats come to Bainbridge
Jessica Hoch reports in the Bainbridge Review on the origins and trends of coworking by talking to Leif Utne. “For someone such as Utne, who works remotely for a software start-up in Minneapolis called Zanby with software engineers in eastern Europe, Office Xpats provides the space he needs to make phone calls, get out of his pajamas and focus on work. A bit of a coworking expert himself, Utne has worked in spaces from San Francisco to Austin, Texas and was eager to join the new space just two blocks from his island home.”
KITSAP SUN:Business spotlight: A home (office) away from home opens on Bainbridge”
The Kitsap Sun interviewed members and took great pictures. “Nearby, Joe and Tammy Deets are leaning into their own laptop. They are planning a campaign to promote solar energy for their nonprofit. They’re here because they want a place where they can be productive for a few hours between engagements without have to traipse back home.
KITSAP PENINSULA BUSINESS JOURNAL: OfficeXpats now open on Bainbridge Island
“A new co-working and events center on Bainbridge Island recently opened on the second floor of the Bainbridge Pavilion. OfficeXpats was founded on the principles of co-working. This worldwide trend allows consultants, small business owners, and others who typically work from home to create a social community; one in which they escape from working in isolation and have the opportunity to grow professional connections.”
BainbridgeIsland.comis a one-stop-site for everything related to Bainbridge Island, Washington. “We are THE source for Bainbridge Island — your premiere resource of information for everything that is happening in Bainbridge Island.”“OfficeXpats on Bainbridge Island is a coworking workplace solution beyond commuting to the corporate office or working from home.“Coworking is about making the personal choice to work alongside other people instead of in isolation. We offer a shared office environment that meets the conferencing and community needs of remote workers, independent consultants, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.”