Weekly/Monthly Events


9:30-10am: Coworker Check-in
Set your top goals for the week and get some accountability when you commit to them with a group of coworkers. We use a white board and sticky notes to keep track of who said they would do what. Priorities change and things happen, but the public disclosure usually makes a difference in our ability to do what we say we will do. We end at 10am so that we can get back to work. Try it!



9am-noon: Free PC support for members
Call us to schedule a quick session and bring in your laptop and your questions. Jason will triage, offer advice, or if you are lucky, offer a quick fix!

12-1:00pm: Tuesday@noon Business Skills Seminar, themes change monthly

Free to members; $40/month to the public. Past months have explored web development, leadership skills, self-publishing, video production and much more. You may have some expertise that you could offer to our members and the public, so please contact us about your ideas. Click here to find the current topic, take a look at a tentative schedule of upcoming themes, or review descriptions and recordings of past business skills workshops.

1:30-2:45pm: Hands-on Social Media Marketing workshops. A team of instructors curate the best social media guides and learning resources published by industry leaders such as Social Media Examiner, HubSpot and Marketto.  We target weekly learning goals for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, with occasional focus on blogging, email/newsletter management, Pinterest, and Google+. We publish links to the resources ahead of time and then work through parts of them with you weekly. Here’s more info and a link to register, and see the Facebook page for current activity.


9am:  It’s About Creating Health
Weight loss support group, all invited, contact Susie Burns

4:30-5:30pm: Coworker Happy Hour
No agenda, just social. Members take a break to introduce themselves and share a drink with other coworkers. Once in a while (quarterly?) we hijack the happy hour, start it at 4pm, and turn it into a member meeting where we give updates and listen to feedback. Great ideas, such as the hourly Cafe membership, have come out of this meeting!

First Thursdays, 5-6pm: Community Orientation and Open House
Come for a quick presentation about the great resources and opportunities with the coworker community at OfficeXpats. Contact Leslie Schneider for more information, and we look forward to meeting you or someone you invite.

First Thursdays, 6-7pm: Bainbridge Business Connections (evening edition, or “BBC2″)
Contact Brian Creamer  for more info, or to propose program ideas.

Fridays, 7:30-9am: Bainbridge Business Connections (BBC) business learning and networking
Contact Dave Kragen, or visit the BBC Website, bainbridgebusinessconnection.com.