Social Media Strategy

Posted on Apr 24, 2013

May is social media strategy month for our Tuesday@noon business skills seminars. Before investing in any new marketing venture, it’s helpful to know where you want to go. Such as understanding WHY you would use WHICH channels of social media and WHAT you want to get out of them. And of course you will want to know whether you are reaching your objectives over time. This month, we will break it down into 4 weekly workshops to help you develop your own goals and build a process for reaching them.

May 7, The building blocks of your social media strategy, with Leslie Schneider, Annette Walker, and Trish Bittman: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your blog and newsletter, and even your web site are just some of the possible tools in your social media toolbox, but what are each of them ideally suited for, and how do you plan for customers to engage with each to support your business objectives? In this session you start to assemble Phase 1 of your plan with ideas towards future phases.

May 14, Building a content marketing strategy, with Lena Scott (see the video): How can you use great content to drive online engagement, attract and build a community around your brand,  and make your digital presence attractive to search engines?  Why it’s important: copy creates relevance in the eyes of search engines, and helps those in search of your product or service to find you! Presentation includes:

  • An easy-to-understand overview of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) including SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and how both practices are dependent upon content.
  • Basic overview of what is meant by ‘inbound marketing’ and how reaching your target audience is directly related to content generation.
  • How the content of your website or blog, along with key word relevant posts and copy on social platforms,  allows indexing by Google and other search engines.

May 21, Measuring what matters in your social media strategy, with Trish Bittman (see the video): This session will help you map your strategy and track your progress over time using  analytics from Google and Facebook. We will learn to “read” the dashboards provided by the platforms, and explore simple options for tracking the important stuff on your own: objectives, actions, and key performance indicators (KPI’s). Here are some resources:

May 28, Creative ideas in action, with Karen Klein: As CEO of a small business, Karen has some clever ideas for making the most of your community to boost your social media presence. Always ready to wear her attorney’s hat as well, Karen will also help us anticipate risks and legal requirements and be prepared with guidelines for anyone helping you build or maintain your social media presence.

MORE TO COME: Need a step-by-step workshop to get going with a business Facebook page or a Twitter account? Stay tuned for some boot camps in June for building your business pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Linked in, and then in July we will start a monthly cycle of social media meetups to build on the basics and measure results.


Leslie Schneider is the co-founder of OfficeXpats, and is investing lots of marketing time in social media to build the membership-based business. Leslie’s social media focus for OfficeXpats is keeping a fresh website plus building the audience for a weekly newsletter that informs readers about events at the office or trends and technology for independent professionals. The challenge is to engage the readers to click through to the company website. OfficeXpats encourages member interactions via a private Facebook group, and Leslie is gaining confidence interfacing an events platform Eventbrite with the OfficeXpats Facebook business page.

Annette Walker is co-founder of  Astonish Inc. She works with businesses to bring in customers and build traffic by reaching people where they are: on the Internet, social media, and, increasingly, on their phones and other mobile devices.

Trish Bittman is a freelance writer and you can catch her articles on Bainbridge Island Magazine and Real Moms Guide at She also edits and helps companies with social media. Her blog is

Lena Scott provides social media and professional support to small businesses, with an emphasis on local and sustainable business interactions to strengthen community and local economies. Specializations include guidance and effort toward claiming the business name and/or profile on social platforms; building relationships through content creation and management in light of SEO and reputation management best practices; coaching on how to manage your brand community for successful conversation marketing across platforms and specific campaigns. Services including social media audits and integration for a consistent message across platform, scan be provided standalone or as part of a package, monthly service fees for ongoing support may be negotiated. Please contact for a free consultation,, 206-678-6015, or Facebook. Follow Lena on Twitter, LinkedIn  if you have questions or want to chat!

Karen Klein has been an attorney for 30 years, and is also an entrepreneur as CEO and GC of Silver Planet, an online portal for boomers and their families on aging issues.  As an attorney, Karen has workied in private practice, the public sector, corporate sector, and in academia. She has spoken regionally and nationally on social media issues, including at OfficeXpats and at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES).  As an entrepreneur, she has learned first hand many of the challenges and pitfalls of social media marketing. Contact Karen at, and here is Silver Planet on Facebook.