Speaking and presenting to build business

Posted on Feb 15, 2013

Thanks to all the presenters for this month of workshops! For a limited time you can access full videos of the presentations below.

The fear of public speaking is legendary. Overcoming or dealing with the fear, and honing your presentation skills to a level that allows you to promote your business or your career, can open doors and build your professional credibility. The Tuesdays@noon in March explore this powerful skillset, including how visuals and technology support your message.

March 5: “Using professional speaking skills to increase business, create new opportunities and be authentically in service to others,” with Bob Linz, Interlifeconversations. Learning how to become a relaxed and powerful speaker will enhance your business results and deepen your personal life. Why let the fear of speaking in front of others control you, especially when achieving mastery can be so very profitable and beneficial ? Speaking from a relaxed place is a learnable skill set and builds deep rapport with an audience, whether it is a small crowd of potential clients or a one-on-one presentation. Come learn some simple tools to put yourself at ease, increase your effectiveness, and begin your new life as a relaxed and powerful speaker.

March 12: “How to create good visuals in a slide show (e.g. Powerpoint),”  with Laurel Wilson, TEDx organizer and designer, Arcstudio, and Jessica Dubey, presentation specialist. Laurel and Jessica will offer guidelines on how to use typography effectively and offer rules of thumb for photos and other images to support your presentation.

March 19: “Strategic Storytelling,” with Mary Anne Moorman, aka Auntmama.  How is a strategic story for business different from other forms of storytelling and how is it the same? How do you prepare for formal vs. informal storytelling? How can you charismatically get your story welcomed into a conversation that isn’t expecting to hear it?

March 26: “The nuts and bolts of creating a Powerpoint presentation,” with Mickey Molnaire, of Molnaire and Associates. She will offer tips and tricks for starting with templates, using transitions effectively and judiciously, and how to delight your audience by easily creating handouts. She will also cover a few important logistics for how to avoid tech traumas when you finally get in front of your audience.


About our presenters

Bob Linz, InterlifeconversationsHis relaxed and humorous style makes Bob Linz a popular speaker and workshop leader. Come learn from a pro how to build your business by moving your lips, with your butterflies relaxed and flying in formation. This will be the most fun you’ve had while learning in quite awhile !  You will leave with powerful ideas to improve your speaking abilities and build your business and reputation.


Laurel Wilson, of Arcstudio, has 20 years of experience designing projects that range from commercial and residential interiors to campus and urban planning to ads and signage. She is a visual thinker who  strive to reveal the stories that link people with their environment. To do this, she uses typography, branding, products, web design, conceptual/site planning, set design, as well as architecture.


Jessica Dubey, http://www.jessicadubey.comis a graphic designer and presentation specialist with over 20 years of page layout experience, pre-press, color correction, template and style sheet development, press checks, and Web site production and maintenance. For presentations, Jessica specializes in custom animation and template design.

Mary Anne Moorman, aka Auntmama: Fans of KBCS.FM have come to love Auntmama’s weekly stories connecting the past with the future to a highly diverse audience.  Seattle weekly newspaper “The Stranger” has called Moorman “authentic without being cheesy.” Mary Anne also tells business stories. “I worked as a management consultant all over the world, and the field still fascinates me. I want managers to use stories for employees and customers. It was on business that I wrote fables and watched how well stories work to communicate complex ideas.” she says.


Mickey Molnaire, of Molnaire and Associates brings an inquiring mind, a sense of humor and 29 years of experience in adult education to her clients. Her own international work background ranges from social services and non-profit organizations to private enterprise, and gives her insights and ability working in both public and private sectors.