Steve Wilson curates a photo exhibit from workshop attendees

Posted on Aug 21, 2012

Tobias Eigen captured Steve in a workshop teaching oment.

The story of the exhibit: In July we asked Steve Wilson to host a series of workshops on what makes a photo great, or even worthy of a cover on National Geographic, of which he has many. The primary goal was to teach us to confidently choose the most effective photos for our businesses and ventures.  We learned how to read a photo and  understand how photos work to tell or support our story. We brought our photos in for Steve to critique. He was diplomatic, but he also got very enthusiastic over some of them.

Then in early August, after the workshops were finished, Steve cooked up the idea of curating an exhibit for the long walls of the OfficeXpats workspaces from some of the photos he saw from attendees of the class. Steve is excited that it has meaning and impact as well as interesting, beautiful photos. Here’s a guest blog post by Tobias Eigen about this show.

Tobias Eigen will be showing his dramatic Bainbridge winter scene at Battlepoint Park

Background: Steve Wilson is a local Kitsap treasure, but better known to New York City editors than here. Steve’s portfolio spans the Seattle World’s Fair to LIFE and National Geographic, and includes Time Life films. While best known for soaring landscapes and intimate interactions with wildlife, Steve Wilson has always kept a focus on social justice issues. He currently focuses on philosophy from the fringes of society, recording and photographing street people and learning about their sometimes highly developed self-governance practices. He became inspired to document the articulate wisdom and sensitivity he witnessed, knowing that his art could make the hard political issues a little harder to ignore.