I'm sure all of us want to help cool the earth and preserve a nurturing environment for the generations to come. But in a world that is hooked on energy  it's hard to make personal changes and feel that they are making a difference. Often we just don't have enough information to know what makes the most impact.

Bainbridge Island has a Climate Action Plan with ambitious goals for reducing the carbon footprint of our island. In addition to many actions taken at the city level, there is now a Climate Smart Challenge that helps you individually take action, and even team up to see progress by the group as a whole. It will help you measure and track your actions and see if you can become a 'climate smart' leader on the island! 

So try it out and see if you learn something new about reducing your carbon footprint, personally or for your business. One thing I learned is how to offset my air travel, which is a huge part of a traveler's carbon burden (I used sustainabletravel.com; it's cool!). 

But wait, it's more fun and motivating to start something like this with other people! Ask or answer questions, compare notes, celebrate joint action. 

Bring your laptop to OfficeXpats Thursday, November 17, at 5pm, grab some snacks, and meet Hannah Ljunggren, the City's Climate Action Outreach Coordinator

Hannah will provide a short overview of the Challenge and help walk us through how to set up our account. She will simply be available to answer questions and help us create a rockin' OfficeXpats team to show what we can do collectively! 

"The Climate Smart Challenge makes it easy to learn about key actions you can take at work and at home to reduce your carbon footprint, save money, build community, and prepare for the impacts of climate change."

How many can we get to join the OfficeXpats Climate Smart team? You don't have to be a member to join us (and OfficeXpats gets no tangible benefit, just bragging rights) so bring your friends too. For more information, visit the City's Climate Smart Bainbridge website.

P.S. OfficeXpats recently took the City’s Erase the Waste pledge to reduce single-use plastics to protect our marine environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We invite you to ask about that as well!