OfficeXpats partners with longtime-member Charlie King to offer a series of LinkedIn classes to help you understand what it’s capable of and how to apply it to get the results you want.

Does THIS sound Familiar?

What I know about LinkedInIt’s Important to Business. Everyone Belongs to it. It’s Super Powerful. (But I don’t know why.)

I'm stuck because: It’s vast and overwhelming, I don’t know what I should be using it for. I don’t know what it’s capable of. I’m not using it the way I could be. (And I have no idea where to go to learn more.)

Each week we take on a specific topic, covered in two evening classes, on Monday and on Tuesday.

  • Monday nights (1 hour) are FREE to all. Packed with actionable insights and content you can take and apply right away to increase your traffic, profile and influence.
  • Tuesday nights (1.5 hours ) are $29, or free to OfficeXpats members. Bring your COMPUTER! We get hands-on, implementing what we’re learning during the class. OfficeXpats members, RSVP to Charlie for your free ticket. 

Drop in to the class that meets your specific need, or join us for the whole series!

Contact Charlie King, [email protected], for more info.