Tuesday@Noon Presents Workplace Security



  Workplace Security 

Hosted by OfficeXpats Coworking and Conference Center

DATE & TIME:  October 8 from 12 noon to 1:30 p.m.

This FREE event will be held at OfficeXpats on Bainbridge Island

Workshop  Presenter:   York Bennett with Safe Room Security, LLC

Workplace Security 

Workplace Security

LTC York Barrett, a retired U.S. Army Officer, will be presenting a Workplace Security course covering Warning Signs, Preventative Measures and a Threat Matrix. Good info for Business Owners, Supervisors and Managers.

  1. Short Video Topics
  2. Warning Signs – Precursor
  3. Key Steps to Prevent Escalation
  4. Communication – Directive & Non-Directive
  5. What is Situational Awareness?
  6. Threat Matrix
  7. The Active Shooter – Who are they?
  8. Thinking / Planning
  9. Training – Run, hide, fight and safe room

 Join us to learn more and bring your questions to get them answered!

About our Presenter:

York Barrett is a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the U.S. Army and is a former Battalion Commander and Base Defense Security Officer.

He has 33 years of service and is an Iraq War Veteran. He brings to us a wealth of information on personnel issues and various safety and security concerns that we need to be thinking about. He is a Security Consultant with Safe Room Security, LLC and seeks to raise awareness levels.