LinkedIn can be a powerful asset to your networking and lead generation activities. You can use relationships you already have in business to gain credibility, make new connections and grow as a professional.

In this module we’ll explore how LinkedIn is a different kind of social network. The way you  choose your connections CAN make a difference.

What You Can Expect: We’ll explore getting connected and what it takes to get noticed for what you’re best at! We’ll explore inviting connections and how to decide whether to connect with someone. We will also discuss your Skills, Endorsements and asking for Recommendations.

What You’ll Walk Away With: How to connect with people you already know, an how to choose whether to connect with new people. How to leverage the “Skills & Endorsement” for success and ask for Recommendations.

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About the full series of LinkedIn classes...

  •  Monday nights (1 hour) are FREE to all. Packed with actionable insights and content you can take and apply right away to increase your traffic, profile and influence.
  • Tuesday nights (1.5 hours ) are $29, or free to OfficeXpats members. Bring your COMPUTER! We get hands-on, implementing what we’re learning during the class. OfficeXpats members, RSVP to Charlie for your free ticket. 

Drop in to the class that meets your specific need, or join us for the whole series!

  • October 24 & 25, 7pm, LinkedIn 101: Your Digital Business Card. Optimizing your LinkedIn profile
  • November 7 & 8, 7pm, LinkedIn 202: Building Your Network. Whom/How and WHY to build your online network
  • November 14 & 15, 7pm, LinkedIn 303: Leveraging LinkedIn’s Power. Groups, Pulse, Influencers
  • November 21 & 22, 7pm, LinkedIn 404: Becoming an Influencer. The How, When & Where to have the biggest impact