Tuesday@noon: How will Bitcoin and Blockchain impact your world in the next few years?

You've probably heard the terms "Bitcoin" or "Blockchain" in the news, but what will these technologies mean to your life (very soon)? Can you explain them easily to your friends and family?

The blockchain is one of the most promising technologies emerging today. Similar to the early days of the Internet, the blockchain is likely to disrupt numerous industries including banking, real estate, energy,  supply chain management, and even voting. When the Internet was young, the impacts were hard to see until suddenly it transformed both our professional and personal lives. Don't feel intimidated or left behind! This 90-minute session is a chance to understand some basics about a transformative technology in our fast-changing world.

  • Learn some history of how these technologies originated and how to understand them (through easy metaphors, not techy jargon)
  • Listen to some informed speculation for how areas such as banking, real estate, health records, energy management, cyber security, supply chain management, government, and even voting might be transformed
  • Hear stories about how pioneering business ventures in Seattle and beyond are betting on the blockchain's future right now
  • Join a discussion on how this may impact our daily lives and what we should be paying attention to in order to see opportunities ourselves

This workshop is free and open to all, but you must pre-register, and seating is limited. Please get your free ticket by clicking the button below.

Our presenter is Alex Ortiz, a blockchain evangelist and connector within the Seattle blockchain community. His broad view of this ecosystem extends across blockchain startups, VCs, legislative and economic development agencies, and the growing local community of blockchain developers, educators, miners, and traders. His interests include self-sovereign identity management, permissioned blockchains, and the social and business impact of distributed ledger technologies.