Tuesday@Noon presents: LinkedIn  Your Key to Business Success - Part 2

LinkedIn, Your Key to Business Success, Part 2

A Tuesday@Noon workshop by ACCELERATE KITSAP 

Hosted by OfficeXpats Coworking and Conference Center

WHEN: April 23, noon to 1:30 p.m.

WHERE: This FREE event will be held at OfficeXpats on Bainbridge Island

Workshop Overview and Presenter:  Charlie King, Charlie King Coaching

WORKSHOP OVERVIEW: How can LinkedIn help you MOST?


Promoting your business online can seem both daunting and overwhelming. For most small business owners, it feels like a struggle to figure out how and where to promote your business. The options are endless and their impact seems dubious.

Creating intentional and consistent online strategy is the key to growing your business beyond the “people you know” and those close to them.

Charlie created this series designed just for you. Over three consecutive Tuesdays in April “Tuesday@Noon” at OfficeXpats will explore LinkedIn, the biggest and most influential business networking online. Whether you have a LinkedIn account “but don’t do anything with it” or are a regular contributor, this series will help you to leverage this powerful platform. You will walk away with a solid action plan to raise your influence, create solid prospects and positively impact your business’ bottom line!

In the 2nd session, Charlie King will cover the following:

Module 2: Gain Social Traction

The magic in the machine:

  • Understanding LinkedIn behavior
  • Consistency is key

What’s your recipe for success?

  • Video
  • Articles
  • Posts
  • Comments

What defines and influencer:

  • Contribution
  • Consistency
  • Variety

Presented by:  Charlie King, Charlie King Coaching

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